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Meet Your Instructor

Owner/Yoga Instructor


My name is Gabbi!
I also go by your Favorite Hippie, and I’m the Owner of Yoga Hippie - Studio and School located in Tempe at Guadalupe & Rural!

I specialize in body positivity and normalizing cannabis as a plant medicine by creating unity through meditation, medication, and movement.

I am currently a certified Yoga Instructor and Therapist. I carry numerous certifications such as Shamanic Reiki, Prenatal, Yoga Nidra, Kids yoga, & Ganja Yoga just to name a few.

My own journey of weight loss and finding myself is what pushed me to become a yoga instructor. When I moved to Arizona 9 years ago I was unhappy with myself and that showed HEAVILY in my physical form.

When I first started my journey it was just in an effort to get my mind to a place of sanity and it was through that experience that I not only began to loose the weight of a heavy heart and mind but also physically lost just over 100lbs.

After losing the weight, a friend suggested I try yoga…. HOT yoga to be exact. I loved it from the beginning, but I often felt like those spaces weren’t safe spaces for me as a plus-size, brown woman.

Sooooo I went and got my medical marijuana card, and I would medicate before class. Not only to help with my anxiety, but I also broke my femur bone when I was a young girl and cannabis helped relieve the inflammation in my hip and knee and that really opened up my yoga practice.

This made me think that there are probably so many other Stoni Yogis out there that would love this experience. So I sat out on a journey to learn and become certified as a yoga teacher with an emphasis on using cannabis as a plant base medicine to elevate your yoga experience, and well…. The rest is history.

Since May of 2020
I have taught over 1,000+ students!
Taught 1000+ teaching hours!
Hosted events in Arizona, Illinois, and California! Started my own 200hr Yoga Teacher Training! Hosted kids/teen classes!
Opened Weddings, Birthdays, and Conferences! 

Adding my own twist to my yoga practice I have hosted numerous Trap N’ Flows, Clothing Optional Yoga, Halloween classes, and Couples experiences.

I couldn’t do this without the continued support of all of you! So I say thank you!!!


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